Reusable Italian Murano glass tips in different colors

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We believe that herbs should be treated with the respect it deserves, in the same way, that people regard wine. 

You wouldn't pop the cork off your favorite bottle and drink it from a paper cup, so why treat herbs any differently?

Our hand-crafted Murano glass filter tips have been designed to allow the taste to cool before reaching the rim, ensuring a smooth draw, flawless flavor + full enjoyment of your herb.

making of green glass filter tip in Italy
sustainable glass filter tips instead of paper filter tips

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Each Murano glass tip is made with sustainability at the core.

Each hand-crafted piece keeps a family member working in an Italian craftsmanship that has been practiced and protected for over 400 years.

Your Murano Tip is endlessly reusable for as long as you care for it in your possession. Made with the same raw materials for generations, your Murano Tip is designed to be by your side always.

Leave paper filter tips in the history books, protect our earth and enjoy with Murano Tips.

premium glass filter tip made with Murano glass
  • packaging of red Murano glass filter tips

The best tips in the world

As honest and precise as it is sacred, so is its endorsement from the only institution certifying the most prestigious works of glass in the world, Vetro Artistico®.

Only Vetro Artistico-certified products hold an anti- counterfeit seal of honor — born a thousand years ago — indicating that the product was unequivocally sourced from genuine Murano glass, handmade on the island of Murano and strictly followed the guidelines of centuries-old glassmaking tradition.

MURANO TIPS are Vetro Artistico certified. Truly, a function of fine art.